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Need crew for new flash video

2009-11-20 20:36:17 by RabbitReaper

HELP! I need a crew to help with my new Sonic flash. Just so you know, to inform me that you'd like to join me... please e-mail me that you'll join using this e-mail: --
P.S.- you need to at least live in or near East Windsor to actually join, okay!? Thanks for helping


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2009-11-20 20:37:28

sorry, i got no Flash.

but i have the worlds most epic song on my page!

RabbitReaper responds:

Okay! Hope to use your songs for my flash!


2009-11-20 22:47:04

well i didn't make them, i just found an old video of the B%2's and i put in my blog.

but i made a major mind fuck piece of Art!

RabbitReaper responds:

Umm...okay then!